Legal Department Costs & Deposits

Legal Department Costs & Deposits effective August 4th, 2021 are as follows

Fees and Deposits in Civil Cases Amount
Civil Action $450.00
Complaint for Foreclosure $1,100.00
Reactivation of Foreclosure $1,100.00
Praecipe for Order of Sheriff’s Sale $1,100.00 Additional Deposit
Counterclaim and Cross-Claim $250.00
Debtor's Examinations $250.00
Garnishments and Attachments $175.00
Writs of Possession and Executions $175.00
Post-Judgment Motions $350.00
Foreign Judgments $250.00
Jury View Fee $100.00
Mediation Fee $100.00 per party
Certificate of Qualifying Employment $50.00 non refundable
Fees and Deposits in Domestic Relations cases Amount
Complaint in Divorce $450.00
Complaint for Legal Separation $450.00
Counterclaim $250.00
Petition for Dissolution $450.00
Post-Decree Motions $350.00
Motion for Appointment of Guardian Ad Litem(GAL) $1,000.00
Consent Judgment Entry $50.00
Miscellaneous Fees and Costs Amount
Preparing Certificate of Judgment $6.00
Filing Certificate of Judgment $30.00
Prepare and file Certificate of Judgment $36.00
Release Certificate of Judgment $5.00
Release State of Ohio Certificate of Judgment $30.00
Local Court Rules $10.00
Copies of Filings (Not Certified) $.10/page
Certification of Any Document $1.00/certification
Fax filing $.10/page
Fax requested documents $2.00
Service of Foreign Subpoena $100.00
Filing of Commission $6.00
Appraiser's Fee for Real Estate $75.00 per appraiser
Appraiser's Fee for Motor Vehicles $75.00 per appraiser
Appraiser's Fee for Trailers $75.00 per appraiser
Appraiser's Fee for Personal Property and chattels $35.00 per hour (maximum $200.00 per day, or a minimum of $75.00 per appraiser)
Cognovit Confession of Judgment $25.00
Attorney Fee in Tax Sales $250.00 for title examination of each parcel.
One-time fee ($220.00) to vendor for Public Sheriff sale website and Poundage ($5.00) to Clerk of Courts $225.00 non-refundable
Expungement/Sealing of the Record $50.00 non-refundable
Returned check fee $20.00
Court of Appeal Cases Amount
Court of Appeal Cases $150.00